Fiber Brick Pallet

1.Fiber brick pallet description:

Brick pallet is also called block pallet, it is a plate used on concrete block making machine, because it is used for vibration on the concrete block machine, the brick pallet requires to be very strong and long life, ;

Fiber brick pallet is a plastic brick pallet made by composite materials of leftovers from Car inner decorations, some PP plastic is from car bump, seats mats, their materials are leftovers but not recycled from the used or junked cars.

The brick pallet is developing from wooden pallets, bamboo brick pallets, to PVC pallets, to GMT brick pallets. Now the GMT brick pallet is the best cost to performance brick pallet in the market.

Fiber brick pallet Technical Parameters

For the GMT brick pallets, vary from different raw materials and fiberglass containing percentage, it also has several models with different price;

But mainly two types of GMT brick pallet : the fiber brick pallet and pure GMT brick pallet;

Fiber Brick Pallet-RAYTONE

2.What is the advantage of fiber brick pallet

① Less weight than PVC brick pallet, less density than pure GMT brick pallet, it is 1100 KG per cubic meters; so it is more friendly to the shipping cost;

② High impact strength, it can reach 30KJ/m2

Fiber Brick Pallet-RAYTONE

③ Good Rigidity
fiber brick pallet’s elastic modulus is 2.0-4.0GPa, while PVC sheets elastic modulus is only 2.0-2.9GPa.
④ Not Easily Deformed; the fiber brick pallet is as hard as stones, it is not easy to be deformed even during concrete block high frequency vibration.
⑤ Waterproof: Water absorption rate <1%
⑥ Wear-resisting
Surface hardness shore: 76D. 100 minutes vibration with materials and pressure. Brick machine screw off, pallet is not destructed, surface wear is about 0.5mm.

Fiber Brick Pallet-RAYTONE

⑦ Anti-high And Low Temperature
Being used at min 20 degrees, GMT pallet won’t deform or crack.
Fiber Brick pallet is able to withstand high temperature of 60-90ºC, won’t easily deform, and suitable for steam curing, but PVC brick plate is easy to deform at high temperature of 60 degree
⑧ Long Service Life
due to its perfect performance, the fiber brick pallet life can be used more than 8 years, some can reach 10 years;

Fiber Brick Pallet-RAYTONE

3.Specifications of fiber brick pallet

Test Items Test Result Flexural Modulus ≥2.0MPa
Density 1100kg/cubic meters Length and Width Deviation ±5mm
Water Immersion Rate ≤0.5% Thickness deviation ±1mm
Surface hardness ≥65HD Shore Hardness ≥70d
Impact Strength ≥ 30KJ/m2 aging 8-10 years
Flexural Strength ≥30MPa Temperature resistance -40°C to 90°C,

4. fiber Bricks pallet load testing

1390 KG bricks are loaded on the 1400*840*42mm fiber brick pallet, only 6mm bent, this is a very good performance on the fiber brick pallet hardness.

Fiber Brick Pallet-RAYTONE

Fiber Brick Pallet-RAYTONE

Fiber Brick Pallet-RAYTONE

The fiber brick pallet size can be customized, we have the moulds of most brick pallet sizes, if some special size pallet that there is not exist pallet mould, the MOQ for the fiber brick pallet is one 20 feet container quantity;

And The Fiber brick pallet delivery time is normally 25 days;

RAYTONE is always supplying the best quality brick pallet with best price, please do not hesitate to contact us.